LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest
LED Turn Signal Vest

LED Turn Signal Vest

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This safety vest is equipped with a wireless remote control flashing system is the ideal security solution for everyone:

  • For all cyclists
  • For children on bikes
  • For children on a scooters
  • For young people on a scooters
  • For joggers who make their feet at dawn or at dusk
  • For the children who walk along a road at the exit of the school, the vest adapts perfectly to a schoolbag

  • For pedestrians or hikers who have to walk in the dark along a road. This vest fits perfectly by the backpack
  • For all motorists who break down or have an accident at night
  • Becoming visible can save your life
  • Having this bright safety vest in the trunk of your car (to standard Vest Standard) can increase your visibility in case of a nighttime accident (if your vehicle does not have more light) and save your life.



With this bright safety vest the night visibility goes from a few meters with standard equipment to more than 150 meters. This increase in visibility increases as soon as the brightness reduces in the early evening, ideal for all children returning from school by bike.

A light signal in the middle of the motorists' field of vision. This vest is powerful enough to be just as effective during the day when it is raining or snowing, and motorists have poor visibility due to bad weather.

Playful, children take pleasure in using it and thus preserve their safety while having fun.

Easy to install on the schoolbag or children's backpack, they will be the first to want to use it, the playful aspect of the wireless remote gives them the feeling of having control of their safety, and the simplicity of using the remote control makes it accessible even to the youngest: right button to turn right, left button to turn left etc.

Practical, simple and universal, a signal light that preserves your safety

UNIVERSAL: This flashing led arrow system is extremely clear for everyone, the cyclist can warn of his intention to turn right or left largely before the event and thus allow the motorists who follow him to let him pass .

SIMPLE: The installation of the remote control on the handlebar is done in less than 2 minutes using two small plastic ties. The remote blinks in a similar way to the vest so you always know what's on your back. The vest is recharged with a USB plug and the set is exceptionally simple.



The safety vest fits like any vest in seconds, its two adjustable straps make it compatible with all sizes (children and adults), a single vest can be used for many members of the same family. It can be slipped on your jacket or over a thick coat, but also over a backpack or school bag.




  1. Green arrow on the right flashing: lights up when you turn right
  2. Green arrow to the left flashing: turns on when you turn left
  3. Green arrow flashing straight: illuminates when you go straight, to cross a crossroad for example, or you drive in a straight line.
  4. Flashing red exclamation mark: illuminates when there is danger, when you stop at a fire ...
  5. Rotating flashing features: illuminates to signal your presence


Please test the product right away when you get the package. You need to inform us within 72 hours of receipt. If you have try and it doesn't work correctly, don't worry we will replace that, all you have to do is to create a video showing that it doesn't work ...and send it to us together with your order number and we will replace it right away support@thegadgetpit.com



    • 1x  LED Turn Signal Vest
    • 1x  Remote Control


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